Pioneering brand identity for an automotive brand.

BMW i.

gmk Markenberatung collaborated with BECC Agency to give the BMW i brand a characteristic design that perfectly expresses the brand. The brand design has won multiple awards – including the Automotive Brand Contest, the Red Dot Design Award, the iF communication design award, and the German Design Award.






Focusing on the future.

In 2007, the BMW Group set up an interdisciplinary team christened ‘Project i’ and announced a pioneering interpretation of tomorrow's premium mobility. This made it necessary to develop a suitable brand strategy and identity, as well as a brand design, for ‘Project i’.

A sub-brand with a powerful presence.

By positioning ‘Project i’ as the BMW i sub-brand, it based the project on the fundamentals of the BMW brand identity and aligned it with design principles similar to those for the BMW brand. Thanks to its status as a sub-brand, BMW i has been given its own independent logotype and picture logo. Other identifiers for this sub-brand include its own typographical rules and expressive and emotional imagery. The new sub-brand is intended to appeal to new customer groups and raise BMW’s profile as an innovative and sustainable brand. BMW i is in turn strengthened by the relevance and value of the primary brand.

Award-winning brand design.

The uniquely positioned BMW i sub-brand stands for visionary vehicles and mobility services, inspiring design, and a new understanding of premium mobility that draws more of its value from sustainability. The brand design has received multiple awards from design and brand competitions, including the Automotive Brand Contest, German Design Award, iF and Red Dot.

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