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Brand analysis: Putting your brand under the microscope

We uncover your brand’s potential.

Brand management can only be successful if we both get to know your brand inside and out. If we are able to obtain a precise overview. This is how we discover where your brand’s potential lies. And how to make it a success for the future. That is why the first thing that we do in our brand consulting as we begin our collaboration is to conduct an exhaustive analysis of your brand. This serves as the foundation on which we make well-thought-out decisions on your brand strategy and brand positioning. We tailor the scope of our brand analysis to your requirements – allowing us to focus on those areas that will be of particular relevance to the tasks that follow this analysis. Here are the ways that we can support you in the area of brand analysis:

Brand audit

In the course of a brand audit, we conduct interviews, desk researches, and an analysis of strategic documents to analyse the current state of your brand. To see what your brand image is, what defines it – and what is (still) holding it back. This means that we also ask questions that some of your brand’s stakeholders might not want to hear.

Market and trend analysis

We use existing studies or collect new data where necessary – everything that is relevant to your brand’s status. This may be done in collaboration with partners that include prestigious market research institutes or their own market research departments. It is the foundation for our goal: to make your brand a market leader.

Target group studies

The target group is the focal point of every brand analysis and effective brand strategy. By means of qualitative and quantitative brand research, target group interviews, and expertise, we analyse who your target group is and what really drives them. How they behave. What experience they expect. And which factors influence their behaviour.

Customer journey mapping

Another key component of the subsequent brand implementation: we visualise your customers’ journey – and thereby every contact they your customers have with your brand, your service or your product. We use this to derive answers regarding your products and services, your processes, and the implementation of your brand identity at the relevant touchpoints.