formation Roadmaps

Making major change manageable with change management roadmaps

We draw up the plan for your brand-driven transformation.

Companies today face a need to change in response to global change processes like digitalisation and shifting values in society. We transform brands into lodestars and drivers of change. That is how we turn your brands into something better – even making them game-changers whose success can influence entire industries.

Comprehensive changes like these require a plan. We draw up this plan when we assist you with your brand-driven transformation – such as for brand migration, brand transfers, brand mergers, brand maintenance or long-term brand portfolio planning: With transformation roadmaps /change management roadmaps we design manageable sub-projects and define goals that make even major transformations realistic – and allow for controlled implementation. This is accomplished using agile, collaborative and interdisciplinary processes within the company.

When it comes to a company's brand-driven transformation, not everything is equally important – nor can everything be done all at once. That is why we work with short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals and projects. This makes even major transformations manageable, and allows them to be planned and implemented realistically. It also makes it easier to recognise (interim) achievements. Something that is important for everyone in the company – not just a management that wants to see results (quickly) but also employees who are not even directly involved in the project. That is because they have a particular need to know – for example if a new brand positioning is really being put into practice or an announced change carried out. Interim goals keep motivation strong. People can feel it: “Something’s happening in our company!”

Employees’ motivation is a decisive success factor, because employees are the central figures in any change: they must support these efforts and make them a reality. Those who systematically integrate their staff into the process as experts in their respective fields, getting them involved and giving them a stake in the process, gain powerful allies.

Defining milestones on the road to success.

Brand-driven transformation is not a sprint – it is a marathon. And that includes in the digital world. That is why we draw upon transformation roadmaps to guide long-term planning for a period of three to five years. Using major overarching targets, we derive annual targets and milestones and divide the work into various streams: an info stream, work stream, training stream, and controlling stream. This is where we integrate OKRs (objectives and key results) and other target systems for reaching milestones. We work with brand managers to regularly review achievements to date. Here, we help you to spur further action or conduct targeted interventions – when desired results have not yet been achieved or framework conditions have changed.

Transformation roadmaps make change plannable – and manageable. They orchestrate the plethora of sub-projects and participants, clearly define responsibilities, and name ‘caretakers’ to look after progress. And they do all of these things with the objective of achieving the long-term goal that we have jointly developed on the basis of the brand. And to create visible change. We support you in getting there with just the right mixture of passion, strategy and creativity. Are you ready to get started?


A brand positioning that sets the company apart serves as the strategic foundation for the holistic transformation of this Mittelstand company. With brand codes conceived for the digital realm that remain faithful to the company's roots.