Brand positioning as a driver of genuine change

We define the heart of good brand management.

Brand positioning is the essence of brand-driven transformation. It is the way in which we vitalise identity, values and roles in the (brand) world. And ensure that your brand is equipped to be a distinctive and effective force in the brand environment landscape. As the focal point of every forward-looking strategy, the brand positioning is the lodestar for brand management – influencing both the target group and the employees of the company.

A good brand positioning is the result of thorough brand analysis and a creative strategy. Our philosophy: A bold approach is necessary for inspiring positioning – and that is our brand guides’ stock and trade.

Positioning that is distinctive. For brands that make a difference.

So how exactly do we position your brand? By utilising an approach that takes everything into account – one that accurately describes the current situation and precisely defines the possible future role. In essence, we clearly identify those things that set your brand apart from its competitors. And find out where your target group sees its special strengths and areas of potential. In addition to values, products, services and the value proposition, we concentrate on the themes that the brand would like to be associated with over the long term. Your brand stands for something – and it should display authority, expertise and/or ambition in these areas.

We capture the attitude towards the brand’s core themes using our company's proprietary brand control instruments. With gmk BrandConcept®, we elucidate the guiding principle that defines a brand’s essence. The definition of a world view and a role supplement the brand’s essence by lending context and intent to its actions.

With the gmk BrandGuide®, we lay the foundation for all future brand activity. This is where we visualise the manner in which the brand’s values and claims to superiority are expressed – thereby creating a control instrument for operationalising the brand in all brand dimensions and applications. From product development and communications through to the design and the implications for service and behaviour.


We develop the brand positioning according to the rigorous application of six validation principles that allow us to always keep the brand on course by asking the right questions.

  • Focus: Does the brand have a core message; is it associated with a theme that gives rise to a clearly defined brand image?
  • Relevance: Is the brand positioning relevant for the target groups? Is it relevant internally? From the perspective of customers?
  • Credibility: Does the brand’s position appear credible to the target group?
  • Differentiation: Is the brand clearly distinct from the competition? Does it successfully assert a claim to superiority?
  • Guidance: Can the brand positioning offer a source of orientation, for example in communication, customer service, or behaviour?
  • Future viability: Is the concept compatible with the company’s long-term strategy?

If each one of these factors is integrated into the brand positioning, every facet of the brand can unleash its potential in the real world. To do this, we develop brand designs and brand languages that are precisely tailored to the positioning – allowing us to accompany you from the strategic foundation right through to brand implementation.

Brand Architecture & Portfolio

Building up brand architectures and portfolios with long-term viability is currently one of the biggest challenges that companies face. These architectures and portfolios are often both expensive and complex – we leverage our many years of experience to develop the right brand management for your firm.

Employer Branding

Employees are critical to future success – reason enough for you to make employer branding your top priority. We see to it that your brand positioning and your employer brand are complementary and mutually reinforcing. We work with you to develop the employer value proposition and highlight the things that put your

Groupe Beneteau

Using holistic brand management to create a streamlined portfolio. In 2020, Groupe Beneteau – a boating brand – set a new course with its corporate strategy. The “House of Brands” was trimmed from twelve down to nine brands and the product portfolio revamped in order to better serve its customers’ needs in future.