International, efficient, clear: the brand portfolio strategy for the Bosch Home Comfort Group

Bosch Home
Comfort Group.

By developing a brand group strategy that focuses on the Bosch and Buderus brands, the brand consultants at GMK Markenberatung created the framework for clearly differentiating the Bosch Home Comfort Group brands.


Bosch Home Comfort Group


Heating technology


With its regional and international brands, the Bosch Home Comfort Group (Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH) is one of the world’s leading providers of energy-efficient solutions for indoor climate control and hot water convenience. The goal is to realign the individual brands in order to efficiently and effectively develop the market. In doing so, these brands are to be clearly differentiated while doing everything possible to maximise synergies.


Based on an analysis of the various target groups, prevailing market trends, and the status of the various brands, a brand group strategy was developed that focused on the two international brands: Bosch and Buderus. The Group strategy serves as the framework for the differentiated positioning of each regional brand.


An efficient brand portfolio with individually distinct brands that are clearly positioned.

Together with GMK Markenberatung we have developed a brand portfolio strategy that has met with international acceptance – one that will allow us to develop the market both efficiently and effectively in future. GMK has not only done excellent fundamental strategic work, but is also a valued partner and adviser when it comes to everyday operations.

Rainer Busch

Brand Portfolio Manager, Bosch Home Comfort Group

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