Internal Enabling

Brand implementation: How to anchor your positioning as a guiding principle

We turn your employees into brand ambassadors.

You brand should have an impact. And be a difference-maker – and that can only happen if your brand has been successfully anchored within your company. This means all employees know and understand the brand positioning and believe in it. They must ‘live’ the brand in their daily work, and they must be able to consistently bring it to life across all contact points. All of this also applies to service providers, agencies and partners. They, too, must be informed and trained in applying the brand. So that a comprehensive and inspiring brand experience can come into being.

We know what it takes to transform your employees and everyone else involved in the brand into brand ambassadors: enthusiasm, brand knowledge and tools that make applying the brand in design, brand communications and behaviour as straightforward as possible. Because your brand management should be efficient. We empower everyone to put the brand and its values into practice in everything they do. We create easy-to-use roadmaps to guide planning for your brand implementation. We provide the following services to facilitate the successful and efficient implementation of your brand:

Employee information kits

Be it during onboarding or for your entire staff, employee information kits allow us to capture the brand and its essence for your employees. We develop creative formats that are tailored to your requirements – for example, analogue with digital extensions or multisensory materials – so that you can reach your employees.

Change and transformation communication

Good communications early on in the process are essential to the success of a brand-driven transformation. We define a communication strategy that increases the internal acceptance of change – and therefore your employees’ readiness to take part.

Brand trainings and academies

We create modular brand trainings that allow content to be tailored to the employees who need it. We use brand trainings and brand academies to inspire enthusiasm – and we empower your employees with concrete support that guides their actions in their daily work.

Brand portals and digital design systems

Brand guidelines, design specifications, templates and brand language – brand portals take all the things that make it easier to use the brand in daily practice and put them in one place. Be it a cloud-based solution or one developed especially for you, we work with you to find the brand management software that is right for your company.

Guidelines and support tools

Design, language and communication, behaviour – we draw up guidelines containing the rules we have defined for using the brand. Complete with concrete application examples, these guidelines can be understood by all – in keeping with our philosophy: ‘as many rules as needed – as few as possible’.