Using holistic brand management to create a streamlined portfolio

Beneteau – Rebranding with gmk.

In 2020, Groupe Beneteau – a global market leader in recreational boating – set a new course with its “Let’s go beyond! 2020-25” corporate strategy. The “House of Brands” was trimmed from twelve down to nine brands and the product portfolio revamped in order to better serve its customers’ needs in future.

The challenge: while there continue to be many overlaps within product segments in a market that is already extremely fragmented, the restructuring gave rise to new questions about the brand portfolio. In this hard-fought market, how can a company achieve the greatest possible differentiation while minimising cannibalisation effects? What sets each brand apart? In what areas are the individual brands superior to their competitors?

This was the challenge that gmk Markenberatung and Groupe Beneteau took up together in early 2020. Their goal: to create a streamlined brand portfolio that powers the Group’s strategy and vision. This threw a spotlight on three brands in particular: Delphia, Wellcraft and FourWinns. These are three brands with strong roots, and the new brand positioning not only allows these to develop, but also translates them into a new and unmistakable design.


Groupe Beneteau



The new brand portfolio strategy: distinctive, clear, international.

“Inspired by our customers’ dreams, we enable unique and fulfilling boating memories – all over the world.” That is Groupe Beneteau’s vision, which was developed in a series of joint workshops on the basis of the “Let’s go beyond” Group strategy. This vision is the lodestar for the Group’s transformation, and therefore for the development of the brand portfolio. In future, clearly defined and delineated roles for each brand should ensure that every brand can satisfy customers’ varied needs individually – laying the foundation for a distinctive positioning for each brand.

Brand positionings that speak for themselves.

Thanks to distinct values and clear profiles, no two Groupe Beneteau brands are alike. The Delphia brand is particularly striking in this regard: Delphia stands for sustainable, mobile homes on the water. This means that Delphia is the only Groupe Beneteau brand to date where sustainability has been anchored in its core without compromising on its own distinct personality. The guiding philosophy “For mindful cruisers” perfectly captures the essence of the mindset of this motorboat brand, which will be launching a fully electric boat with an electric drive system in 2024: relaxed, smart and farsighted.

Strong brand codes that make a difference.

Strong brand codes do more than make brands instantly recognisable – they also set these brands apart in homogeneous markets like the boat market. That is why toughness and dynamism are essential for one of the most prestigious American motorboat brands – in keeping with their guiding philosophy: “Built to push limits”. Not only do the brand codes “Powerful + Real + Robust” offer an incisive reflection of the brand’s essence, but they also ensure recognisability across all touchpoints.

The result

All nine Groupe Beneteau brands now share the same goal, in line with the corporate vision: “Inspired by our customers’ dreams, we enable unique and fulfilling boating memories – all over the world.”

In this way, the Group's brand portfolio supplies the market with a varied and contemporary product range. These individual positionings are transferred into every dimension: offers, designs, messages and behaviour. Media and product design make the new design visible and bring it to life, while distinctive brand communications are rigorously implemented in line with brand identity across all contact points.

Opening up new horizons

Once we have laid the strategic foundation, we look forward to bringing this to life in coming years through a holistic implementation process as we open up new horizons for Groupe Beneteau’s nine major brands.

We are proud to be helping this international client implement their brand-driven transformation.

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