Brand strategy: defining the parameters of your brand

We create the strategic foundation for your transformation.

Is it time for your brand to embark on a journey of change or become the driver of your corporate transformation – but you do not have a brand strategy for the transformation? Or does it already find itself right in the middle of the change? No matter where you currently find yourself as a brand manager: with the brand strategy, we define the parameters of your brand – laying the foundation for your company’s future success.

Our strategic work includes the development of your brand positioning and your brand portfolio. We create the basis for your employer branding. We determine whether you can enter into worthwhile and profitable brand partnerships. And we develop pioneering approaches in conjunction with meta aspects of brand management like purpose and sustainability that are relevant today – such as whether sustainability aspects have the potential to become a meaningful part of your positioning. We find answers to the overarching questions of digitalisation – as well as to the strategic secondary aspects like: Should I establish our brand in the metaverse?

Within the context of our brand strategy, we think ahead – including aspects of brand creation and brand strategy. Thanks to our interdisciplinary team and creative unit, we have the necessary perspectives right here in house. As a result, we can examine strategic approaches according to their effectiveness in creative and organisational implementation.

We do not do anything without a strategy. It is the basis for achieving true change with your brand. When it comes to brand strategy, we question everything – because this is where we come together to set the long-term course for your brand.

We offer the following brand strategy services:

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the centrepiece of your brand management. We work with you to develop a guiding principle, your brand values, and strategic themes with genuine claims to superiority. We use our BrandConcept® and BrandGuide® tools to make your positioning clear and allow it to be controlled operationally.

Brand Architecture & Portfolio

Building up brand architectures and portfolios with long-term viability is currently one of the biggest challenges that companies face. These architectures and portfolios are often both expensive and complex – we leverage our many years of experience to develop the right brand management for your firm.

Employer Branding

Employees are critical to future success – reason enough for you to make employer branding your top priority. We see to it that your brand positioning and your employer brand are complementary and mutually reinforcing. We work with you to develop the employer value proposition and highlight the things that put your