Holistic brand behaviour concept.


To make the brand value visible and bring it to life – holistically. We used a clearly defined brand behaviour concept to showcase the values of MINI and pave the way for creating an emotional bond with the MINI brand across all touchpoints.





Living the brand promise.

MINI is more than just a car. MINI stands for individuality and passion – at car dealerships, trade fairs, events, and in everyday dealings with customers, colleagues and friends. But it is essential that the brand promise that is achieved by these products and communicated in advertising also be lived. If all employees bring the essence of MINI to life through their behaviour and their beliefs, the brand can successfully satisfy the expectations of customers or even exceed these – allowing it to unleash its full potential. But just what, exactly, does it mean to “Be MINI”?

Implementing characteristic brand behaviour.

The brand identity is the source of the fundamental characteristics and principles of behaviour that define the importance of MINI brand behaviour and the role played by employees. This involves developing concrete behaviours that bring the brand values to life – through external appearance, general manner, language, and concrete conduct and actions. The MINI brand behaviour concept distinguishes between ‘good manners’ – something that satisfies the fundamental expectations of existing and potential customers – and ‘characteristic brand behaviour’, something that not only delivers satisfaction, but actually inspires passion. Using this distinction as a basis, three behavioural principles were developed to guide the conduct of all employees: behaviour basics, brand actions, and brand rituals. When developing the brand behaviour concepts, both the individual locations and the dealer network were involved to ensure that both sales channels were well represented.

Ready for emotional brand experiences.

The brand behaviour guidelines are integrated into various tools and media (train the trainer, brand academy, brand quick guides, brand ambassador programme, brand breakout sessions, etc.) and trained, communicated and implemented in collaboration with the international trainer network. The sustainable success of these efforts is ensured by recap training, integration into recruitment standards, and personal incentive programmes. The result: people are regularly reminded of the fact that every contact presents an opportunity to establish an emotional and personal bond – and to successfully communicate the brand values of MINI.

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